SONC's Stance on Airport Issues (VNY/BUR)

Posted on 10/18/2023

The Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council (SONC)
 has voted on several items related to airport issues, including Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA), Van Nuys (VNY), Burbank (BUR) matters. These items were voted on by the SONC Board at prior Board meetings and, upon approval, have become the official position of SONC.

Implementing a VNY Night-Time Curfew: Date adopted: 9/9/19. Vote: 20-0.
For the betterment of noise abatement and quality of life, the Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council (SONC) supports a voluntary night-time curfew at the Van Nuys (VNY) airport of all non-emergency aircraft between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. daily, and additionally from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. on weekends and holidays, local time, and authorizes issuing Community Impact Statements and/or letters supporting this position to various elected officials and agencies.

Dispersing BUR Departures: Date adopted: 7/13/20. Vote: 8-6.
The Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council (SONC) supports City Council File CF 20-0078 requesting FAA to add an RNAV departure procedure for eastbound departures from Burbank Airport, with the aim of alleviating noise in the Southern San Fernando Valley west of Burbank Airport, and dispersing flight paths, and SONC shall in turn issue a CIS in support of CF 20- 0078, with letters addressed to Council District Two, Council District Four, Council District Five, and the Van Nuys Citizen's Advisory Council (VNY CAC), indicating SONC's position, with carbon copy to interested parties Burbank Airport (BUR) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Supporting Airplane Noise Task Force Recommendations: Date adopted: 9/14/20. Vote: 15-1.
The Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council (SONC) supports the recommendations of the Southern San Fernando Valley Airplane Noise Task Force and furthermore adopts the attached letter:
> Contact the FAA like LAWA did is 2017 to create PPRRY and move it back to the north end of the Sepulveda Basin and have LAWA report back monthly on their communications and progress.
> LAWA to ask the FAA to Stop the RNAV departures at VNY under 5,000’ and open the departure paths for more dispersion.
> LAWA to bring the Quieter Nights Program in line with this recommendtion.
> LAWA to bring the customs office hours ( Open to 12AM or later if requested) in line with the Quieter Nights Program that starts at 11pm.

Conducting a Neighborhood Environmental Survey with FAA: Date adopted: 3/8/21. Vote: 15-1.
The Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council (SONC) adopts the position elucidated in the attached document relative to the FAA Neighborhood Environmental Survey (NES).
> Shock that these survey findings were not used in assessing the impact of NextGen at VNY prior to its implementation given they were known to the FAA since 2016.
> Insistence that a Supplemental VNY and BUR NextGen EA be conducted incorporating any and all relevant studies the FAA has in-hand or currently underway.
> Perspective that beyond the impact of noise, the VNY and BUR reviews should also incorporate in its assessment process the latest findings on the impact of aircraft emissions relative to public wellness and the health of the environment overall.

Urging LAWA To Get Expert Help to Advocate for the Community. Date adopted: 5/10/21. Vote: 12-2.
The Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council (SONC) asks Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) to request, the Van Nuys Airport Citizens Advisory Council (VNY CAC) to support, the Board of Airport Commissioners (BOAC) to fund, perhaps in the vein of CF 19-1493 relative to funding sources for FAA-related outside counsel expenses, and LA City Council to ensure the hiring of a consultant with experience and a track record of success with the FAA in moving and dispersing NextGen flight paths to assist LAWA staff in achieving the stated action from LAWA in IFP gateway request from the fall of 2020 relative to the PPRRY waypoint.

Supporting LAWA and Encouraging its Continued Communication With FAA. Date adopted: 7/13/21. Vote: 11-8.
SONC supports LAWA and FAA’s collaborative relationship in their working group’s efforts to bring relief to the Sherman Oaks community and other affected communities and encourages LAWA to continue engaging with FAA in advocating for solutions that provide equitable and fair benefits for the entirety of Sherman Oaks.

Seeking an Update to the Outdated VNY Master Plan. Date adopted: 10/11/21. Vote: 11-5.
The Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council (SONC) urges Van Nuys Airport (VNY), Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA), and The Van Nuys Airport Citizens Advisory Council (VNY CAC) to complete a timely update of the VNY Masterplan and address the incompatible growth in large commercial jets, services, and air taxi operations at VNY contrary to the spirit of the 2006 Master Plan calling for the airport to be a good neighbor relative to pollution and noise disturbance to all of the valley.

Sustainable Aviation Fuel (e.g., Unleaded Gas). Date adopted: 4/11/22. Vote: 19-0.
SONC supports the California Air Board's drive to replace unhealthy leaded aviation fuel with a less environmentally damaging alternative. Although this change won't be better than reducing harmful air traffic events, it's a step in the right direction for the environment's sake, as well as the health and safety of Sherman Oaks residents, who live below the flights into and out of Van Nuys Airport that dump pollution onto the city.

Addressing Van Nuys Airport Zoning Plans & Charter Flight Ops. Date adopted: 12/12/22. Vote: 18-0.
The Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council (SONC) is concerned that plans to expand the Van Nuys airport will result in further harm to the Sherman Oaks community through increased pollution, noise, and other concerns associated with more air traffic. We submitted a series of recommendations to address this.

Requesting Transparency and for VNY to Consider the Community. Date adopted: 12/12/22. Vote: 18-0.
SONC supports Bob Blumenfield, Paul Krekorian, and Nithya Raman's City Council motion that asks LAWA to report back on a list of airport projects, what steps LAWA took to engage the community, comply with the VNY Master Plan, and consider Environmental Impacts. We support the Councilmembers' call for future community engagement from the airport, and the concern that LAWA is conducting business without respecting or reaching out to the community their business currently does and will in the future impact.

Calling for a Moratorium on VNY Development Until Study is Completed. Date: 6/12/23. Vote: 12-0.
Noting that LAWA seeks to redevelop and/or expand VNY, SONC cautions and calls upon LAWA to place a moratorium on its business dealings associated with development until the process of conducting a Vision Study is completed. It is irresponsible to put the cart before the horse and sign contracts or start building without first having a study in place to guide those plans. Click to view Letter.

Supporting the VNY Vision Plan "6 Steps to Success" Process. Date: 10/17/23. Vote: 13-0.
SONC supports utilizing the 6 Steps to Success process for updating the Van Nuys Airport Specific Plan so as to provide the community adequate opportunity for comment.

Moratorium Call & Opposition to Advanced Aerial Mobility (AAM "Air Taxis"). Date: 10/17/23. Vote: 13-0.
Out of concern for residents already impacted by air traffic from Burbank and Van Nuys Airports, SONC recommends a moratorium be placed on implementation of AAM in Los Angeles until comprehensive studies and public input are completed so local agencies can make well-informed decisions.

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