SONC Supports Elimination of Sepulveda Transit Corridor Alternative 4

Posted on 07/09/2024

The Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council (SONC) at its July 8, 2024 meeting voted unanimously (11-0) to adopt a position to support a campaign requesting Metro eliminate Alternative 4 from its Sepulveda Transit Corridor project.

SONC previously has adopted positions to support Alternative 6 or a similar fully-underground heavy rail (subway) concept in the San Fernando Valley [17-0 vote, December 2021] and to oppose Alternative 4 (above ground trains on Sepulveda Blvd) [17-0 vote, November 2022].

In light of Metro’s elimination of monorail Alternative 2, SONC hereby joins the Sherman Oaks Homeowners Association in requesting Metro eliminate Alternative 4 from further consideration for the Sepulveda Transit Corridor.

SONC remains concerned that Alternative 4 would require the demolition of homes, apartments, and businesses in southern Sherman Oaks to accommodate the Alternative’s proposed conversion of a below-ground configuration to an aerial one.

Thus, SONC stands vehemently opposed to Alternative 4 due to its seemingly logistical requirement that residents of Sherman Oaks be evicted and displaced from their residences during a City-declared housing crisis. Heavy rail can be accomplished through other means (e.g., Alternative 6) that would not require such displacement.

We humbly join the effort to seek elimination of Alternative 4 from further consideration.

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