SONC Supports Freedom to Marry Ballot Initiative, Marriage Equality in California

Posted on 06/11/2024

ForCF 24-0002-S9. Freedom to Marry Ballot Initiative / Same-Sex Marriage / California Constitution

To City Council,

The Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council (SONC) in a 14-1 vote adopted a position to support CF CF 24-0002-S9 Freedom to Marry Ballot Initiative. SONC supports City Council’s resolution, which, amongst other things, states, “marriage equality is about equal treatment under the law and the ability for LGBTQ couples to enjoy recognition and dignity in the eyes of the State.” 

The adopted motion is as follows:

The Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council (SONC) supports CF 24-0002-S9, a City Council file to support the Freedom to Marry Ballot Initiative. This follows SONC’s prior position to support CF 23-0002-S38, a council file in favor of Assembly Constitutional Amendment 5, in which SONC unanimously voted to support ACA 5 to overturn Proposition 8 and protect same-sex marriage in California.


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