SONC Letter to City Council Regarding Public Review

Posted on 08/15/2023

The Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council at its August 15, 2023 meeting adopted a
position relative to City Council procedure regarding City Council File 23-0623.

Whereas effective Neighborhood Council operations require 60 to 90 days to consider
potential motions and council files;

And whereas CF 23-0623 was acted on by Los Angeles City Council in a period of
fourteen days which is not sufficient for neighborhood councils to fully consider the item;

And whereas a Community Impact Statement is required to make use of Neighborhood
Councils’ maximum speaking period allocated during committee and general meetings;

Therefore, The Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council (SONC) requests that the Los
Angeles City Council refrain from voting on pending motions and/or council files until
Neighborhood Councils have been granted at least 60 but up to 90 days to bring items
for consideration to committee/board meetings, hear public remarks, and potentially file
a Community Impact Statement.


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