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Area 1 - Community Interest
Co-chair Public Safety Committee

As a Community Organizer, an American Red Cross Community Ambassador and a Neighborhood Watch Police Community Representative, I have worked closely with LAPD, elected officials, community organizations and residents to ensure our community is a safe place to live, work and play.  This work has allowed me to forge strong working relationships with other community leaders, especially within the public safety arena.  As well as being CERT certified, I’m also a graduate of the LAPD Community Police Academy.  In these positions, I have helped ensure quality of life issues are properly addressed, helped inform residents of city resources available to them, organized neighborhood watch groups, taught emergency preparedness courses, helped neighborhoods create disaster plans, organized large block parties, worked with local school administration to find solutions for student and public safety concerns and designed and coordinated a solution-based street scape based on community input.   

My interests are:  public safety, emergency preparedness, quality of life and neighborhood services.  

As a board member, I will continue to work to make Sherman Oaks a great place to live! 

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