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Alexandria Naseef

Alexandria is a 6 year Sherman Oaks resident. She works as a substitute teacher for the LA Unified School District. She graduated from the University of California Santa Barbara with a major in Black Studies, and minor in Religious Studies. Her studies focused on models of equitable and accessible education for all. Alexandria looks forward to bringing resources to Sherman Oaks and creating communities within and around our neighborhood. 

Voting Record (see Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council Motions page).
11/9/20 5.b.1 For LA's Green New Deal / Healthy Soil No Vote ADOPTED
11/9/20 5.b.2 For Modified Mufflers Enforcement No Vote ADOPTED
11/9/20 5.e.1 For Vision of Sherman Oaks Com Plan Abstain ADOPTED
11/9/20 6.c For NPG for Valley of Change YEA ADOPTED
11/9/20 6.d For NPG for North Valley Caring Services YEA ADOPTED
11/9/20 6.e For SONC Outreach Care-Kit Distribution YEA ADOPTED
11/9/20 6.f For SONC Outreach 2021 NC Elections YEA ADOPTED
10/19/20 2.b For 2021 Election Information Wksht YEA ADOPTED
10/19/20 2.c For Lloyd Staffing Invoice Abstain ADOPTED
10/19/20 5.b.1 For Expansion of LAFD APRU Program YEA ADOPTED
10/19/20 6.c For NPG for LA Resp Pit Bull Owners Abstain ADOPTED
9/14/20 2.b For West Valley Animal Shelter YEA ADOPTED
9/14/20 2.c For Burbank Airport Draft EIR YEA ADOPTED
9/14/20 2.d For Sepulveda Transit Corridor Letter YEA ADOPTED
9/14/20 5.c.1 For SFV Airplane Noise Task Force Recs YEA ADOPTED
Date Item Description Vote Result
8/10/20 5.b1 For Public Outreach Events/Funding Ineligible ADOPTED
8/10/20 5.c.1 For Face Covering/Mask Wearing II Ineligible ADOPTED
8/10/20 5.c.2 Against State Housing Bill SB 1120 Ineligible ADOPTED
8/10/20 5.c.3 For Denounce Anti-Asian/Semitism Ineligible ADOPTED
8/10/20 5.c.4 For State Millionaire Tax Ineligible ADOPTED
8/10/20 5.c.5 Against LAPF Donation to LAPD Ineligible ADOPTED
8/10/20 5.f.1 For CD4 Candidate Forum Ineligible ADOPTED
8/10/20 5.f.2 For Co-Sponsor Mask Giveaway Ineligible ADOPTED

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