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Christy Adair

I have been a home-owner in the Valley since 1990 and in Sherman Oaks since 2004.  I ran for a seat on the SONC Board in May 2019 because I felt it was important for me to understand how local government works and how my voice could contribute towards the betterment of my community.

My background and passion have had a constant, underlying theme of personal preparedness and recovery.  For almost 20 years as a self-defense instructor, I taught at several private schools and dojo’s throughout Los Angeles.  And in the same timeframe, as a LAFD CERT Coordinator, I have helped individuals and families prepare for small and large-scale disasters.

Currently I co-chair the SONC Public Safety Committee with Jenna Lewis.  As we are relatively new co-chairs, we welcome any suggestions, input or help as we attempt to provide our neighbors with public safety topics relating to both law enforcement and fire department issues.

Professionally, I have worked for several studios in Production Finance, Production Audit, Marketing & Global Promotions, and Labor Relations. 

Voting Record (see Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council Motions page).
11/9/20 5.b.1 For LA's Green New Deal / Healthy Soil Absent ADOPTED
11/9/20 5.b.2 For Modified Mufflers Enforcement Absent ADOPTED
11/9/20 5.e.1 For Vision of Sherman Oaks Com Plan Absent ADOPTED
11/9/20 6.c For NPG for Valley of Change Absent ADOPTED
11/9/20 6.d For NPG for North Valley Caring Services Absent ADOPTED
11/9/20 6.e For SONC Outreach Care-Kit Distribution Absent ADOPTED
11/9/20 6.f For SONC Outreach 2021 NC Elections Absent ADOPTED
10/19/20 2.b For 2021 Election Information Wksht YEA ADOPTED
10/19/20 2.c For Lloyd Staffing Invoice YEA ADOPTED
10/19/20 5.b.1 For Expansion of LAFD APRU Program YEA ADOPTED
10/19/20 6.c For NPG for LA Resp Pit Bull Owners YEA ADOPTED
9/14/20 2.b For West Valley Animal Shelter YEA ADOPTED
9/14/20 2.c For Burbank Airport Draft EIR YEA ADOPTED
9/14/20 2.d For Sepulveda Transit Corridor Letter YEA ADOPTED
9/14/20 5.c.1 For SFV Airplane Noise Task Force Recs YEA ADOPTED
8/10/20 5.b1 For Public Outreach Events/Funding Absent ADOPTED
8/10/20 5.c.1 For Face Covering/Mask Wearing II Absent ADOPTED
8/10/20 5.c.2 Against State Housing Bill SB 1120 Absent ADOPTED
8/10/20 5.c.3 For Denounce Anti-Asian/Semitism Absent ADOPTED
8/10/20 5.c.4 For State Millionaire Tax Absent ADOPTED
8/10/20 5.c.5 Against LAPF Donation to LAPD Absent ADOPTED
8/10/20 5.f.1 For CD4 Candidate Forum Absent ADOPTED
8/10/20 5.f.2 For Co-Sponsor Mask Giveaway Absent ADOPTED
7/12/20 V.3.1 For COVID-19/Masks/Ordinance YEA ADOPTED
7/12/20 V.3.2 For ELMOO/Burbank Airport RNAV YEA ADOPTED
7/12/20 V.3.4 For Anticorruption/Investigations YEA ADOPTED
7/12/20 V.9.1 For Permanent Slow Streets YEA ADOPTED
7/12/20 V.9.2 For Area 6 Slow Streets Plan YEA ADOPTED
7/12/20 V.9.3 For Area 2 Slow Streets Plan YEA ADOPTED
Date Agenda # Description Christy's Vote Result
6/15/20 IX.d.1 For Black Lives Matter/George Floyd YEA ADOPTED
6/15/20 IX.d.2 For LAPD After-Action Rpt/Civil Unrest YEA ADOPTED
6/15/20 IX.e.1 For Single-Use Plastics Ban Study YEA ADOPTED
6/15/20 IX.j.1 For On-Street Bikeway Development YEA ADOPTED
6/15/20 IX.j.2 For Implementation of ADAPT Program YEA ADOPTED
5/11/20 IV.r For Budget Advocate White Paper Absent ADOPTED
3/9/20 13 To Table for SU Plastics Ban YEA TABLED
3/9/20 13.b For AB-1788 Pesticides Ban YEA ADOPTED
3/9/20 13.c For Pesticides Ban (City File) YEA ADOPTED
11/18/19 16.a For LADOT Extension of DASH YEA ADOPTED
11/18/19 17 For Early Release of Budget YEA ADOPTED
10/14/19 12.a For Apartment 13267 Moorpark Ave YEA ADOPTED
10/14/19 16.a For AM No Left at Valley Vista/Saugus YEA ADOPTED
10/14/19 16.b For "Pay How You Drive" Insurance YEA ADOPTED
10/14/19 16.c For Sherman Oaks Seats on VNY CAC YEA ADOPTED
9/9/19 9 Against CA Zoning Bills SB 50, 330 YEA ADOPTED
9/9/19 15.a For VNY Airport Night-Time Cufew YEA ADOPTED

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