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Sarah Manuel

Sarah Kathryn Manuel is a resident & business owner in Sherman Oaks since 2015. Sarah has lived all over the United States including Massachusetts, Iowa, California & Washington state. As a California transplant, she was raised in LA during her impressionable years as a young lady graduating from Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy in La Canada-Flintridge in 2003. She discovered in highschool that leadership was her calling, she got involved with several youth organizations and took on multiple leadership roles in FSHA's youth ministry and performing arts programming. She continued her passion for dance and performance where she received her Bachelor's of Fine Arts Degree in Performance & Choreography from Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, WA in 2007.

Sarah has owned several businesses including a Non-profit dance organization in Seattle for 8 years and Gazelle Pilates since 2015.  As a health advocate and fitness expert, she provides insight to help improve quality of life for all her clients and inspire healthier lifestyles as we grow wise in age.

Since Sarah's Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council nomination in November 2018, she has been looking forward to participating in SONC's community outreach programs. Sarah is grateful to serve alongside a well-versed panel of community advocates. She will serve Sherman Oaks to the best of her ability.

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