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Public Safety Committee

Committee Chair Person(s):
Christy Adair Contact: [email protected] Jenna Lewis Contact: [email protected]

Please see the Calendar for meeting announcements (click "Calendar" on the navigation bar above). Please see the Board Members and Officers page for a list of Board members (click "Board" on the navigation bar above).

Public Safety Committee Members
Christy Adair, Co-Chair
Jenna Lewis, Co-Chair
Penny Gilbert, Secretary
Penny Johnson
Barbara McDermott
Jesse Smith
Cissy Varkey-Atlamirano

In addition to SONC's important role of bringing local government to the residents and businesses of Sherman Oaks, The purpose of the Public Safety Committee is to provide the Sherman Oaks community with resources and tools for improved safety within its borders. We do this by offering the following:

Emergency Preparedness - Do you know what to do in case of a disaster? 
Our community could experience any of the following large or small disasters: power outages, fires, earthquakes, police activity, a need to evacuate. Our committee is dedicated to ensuring our residents are prepared in the face of a disaster. We can help you become more prepared by offering classes on emergency preparedness (see the SONC monthly calendar for dates), provide you with a Disaster Supply Checklist, and the resources on how to create your own Disaster Plan - for your home, your block and your business.

Crime & Safety - Do you know your Neighbors? Is a Neighborhood Watch established on your block? 
If not, let us help you with that. The best way to recognize if something is out of the ordinary is to know what is ordinary in your neighborhood. Getting to know your LAPD & LAFD and your neighbors will help to create a cohesive and engaged neighborhood. We can help you to identify your designated fire station, police station, and establish your own Neighborhood Watch (NW) with an easy to use NW Handbook or...connect you with an existing Neighborhood Watch on your block.

This committee meets monthly to discuss ways to improve all aspects of life in Sherman Oaks and increase awareness of neighborhood services through classes and events. We encourage you to join us for our meetings and at our events throughout the year.

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Meetings (Agendas, Minutes, Documents)

Meeting Agenda
Apr 22, 2015
Meeting Agenda
Mar 25, 2015
Meeting Agenda
Feb 05, 2015
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