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Planning and Land Use (PLUM) and Vision Sub-Committee

Committee Chair Person(s):
Jeff Kalban Contact: [email protected]

Committee Chair Person(s):
Jeff Kalban Contact: [email protected]
Committee Chair Person(s):
Jeff Kalban Contact: [email protected]
Please see the Calendar for meeting announcements (click Calendar on the navigation bar above). Please see the Board Members and Officers page for a list of Board members (click "Board" on the navigation bar above).
PLUM Committee Members Vision Committee Members
Jeff Kalban, Chair Jeff Kalban, Chair
Alicia Bartley Bob Anderson
Tom Capps Tom Boulet
Jackie Diamond Jackie Diamond
Art Fields Maria Pavlou Kalban
Mikie Maloney Mikie Maloney
Rick Mayer Sue Steinberg
Lisa Petrus Tom Glick
Sue Steinberg

The mission of Planning and Land Use Committee is to receive and provide notice to affected stakeholders of the proposed issues under its purview; research each issue in an effort to develop a thorough understanding of any given proposal; notice to all parties on all sides of any proposal; provide ample and balanced opportunity to be heard; balance the interest of the stakeholders and the community at large; to make specific recommendations to the SONC and the City of Los Angeles regarding approval, disapproval, or modification of issues that come before it.

If you have something to present to the committee, click on the email of the committee chair. In your email give a brief description of the project or issue, its location, any information on timing, and your contact information including telephone number. You will be contacted by a committee member to coordinate your appearance before the committee.

The Land Use Committee meets the third Thursday of each month, check the meeting notice or the agenda for time and location. The public is welcome and encouraged to attend.

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The document “A Vision for Sherman Oaks 2020 – Input to the Sherman Oaks Community Plan Update” was developed by the Vision Sub-Committee and community members in public meetings over a period of eight years.  The studies grew out of a need to understand the potential of our community and the specific benefits that would enhance the lives of those that live, work, and visit Sherman Oaks.  The document can be reviewed by Clicking Here.

Meetings (Agendas, Minutes, Documents)

Meeting: Planning and Land Use (PLUM)
Meeting: Vision Sub-Committee Meeting
Meeting Agenda
Jan 21, 2021
Supporting Documents
Meeting Agenda
Jan 07, 2021
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