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Oct 05, 2015
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Jul 07, 2015
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Feb 13, 2015
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Board of Directors

First NameLast NamePosition 
Jill Banks Barad President View Profile
Ron Ziff 1st Vice President View Profile
Jay Beeber 2nd Vice President View Profile
Howard Katchen Treasurer View Profile
Sue Steinberg Secretary View Profile
Carolyn Casavan Area 1 Community Interest View Profile
Jeff Kalban Area 7 Community Interest View Profile
Lisa Petrus Area 4 Residential View Profile
Michael Garrett Area 1 Residential View Profile
Mohamed Felo Area 5 resident View Profile
Neal Roden Area 7 - Business View Profile
Raphael Morozov Area 3 Business View Profile
Richard Marciniak Area 3 Community Interest View Profile
Sherry Revord Area 5 Community Interest View Profile
Sidonia Lax Area 4 - Community Interest View Profile
Tom Capps Area 2 Resident View Profile

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